238 THE GRILL is perfect for:

  • Your private dinner in our intimate restaurant with a minimum of 16 guests. 
  • Your private diner at our catering location with beautiful view on the harbour. 
  • Your private dinner/party at your home or at your office.




During the year, 238 the grill organizes several special events to treat their guest with nice bites and traditional products from Europe.

When the asparagus season starts in the Netherlands, 238 will invite Hong Kong to taste the mouth-watering Dutch white asparagus. From the moment he started cooking, this products has always been a favorite in Patrick Verhoeven’s kitchen. You can’t resist his creamy asparagus soup or his asparagus salad with smoked salmon. 

Another special event organized around a Dutch product is the arrival of the new Dutch herring. The Netherlands is well known for this amazing and healthy fish!

Other periods that you can’t skip are the lobster week and the special black truffle week.

During public holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s eve, 238 offers special menu’s that you can join with all your family or friends.